wow. Just wow.

I was browsing on FB and saw a post for a new EMS blog that I hadn’t seen before.

Okay. I like EMS blogs. Let’s give it a go.

So, here’s the post I read.

What? Really?

Did you just post that on a blog and sign your name to it?

Here’s the reply I left:

I started reading this blog post and could identify immediately. Having students on a truck almost always leads to a white cloud night. Been there, done that.

Then I got to the part where you laughingly abused a patient and bragged about placing an ammonia inhalant in a NRB and performing “punitive ALS” by searching for a vein between fingers and toes with a “garden hose” sized IV cath. Seriously?

Yeah. Sorry pal, but if this is how you REALLY behave, you’re a pretty lousy excuse for a teacher and if this stuff ever happened when I was working with you, you wouldn’t need to talk to the boss about getting a Class A uniform shirt for court, you’d be sitting at home polishing up your resume.

Here’s a tip. Abusing drunks or drug addicts doesn’t make you cool. Bending a patient’s fingers back ‘til they touch his forearm isn’t appropriate behavior for an EMS professional, ever. And showing new EMTs that this type of behavior is okay is reprehensible.

You’re a disgrace to my profession, and posting that you abuse patients on a blog isn’t just bad form, it’s almost criminally stupid.

You just read a perfect example of “how to lose your job by posting on a blog”.

Since I posted my response to this blog, the author has posted a disclaimer stating his blog is “95% fiction” and removed my comment.

This is the second reply I posted:

The fact that you removed my critique of your original post, edited your post to remove any incriminating evidence of your acts of battery and now attempt to bush it under the rug by claiming the entire event as fiction is laughable.

Real men, real professionals, can be held accountable for their actions, right or wrong. You were wrong and instead of taking responsibility, you simply tried to erase history with a “I was just joking”.

My original statement holds true. Your lack of compassion for patients and now this demonstrated lack of integrity makes you unsuitable to work in my profession.

This is the email I sent to Virginia EMS:!/pages/Virginia-EMS/153545858005772



I want to bring to your attention the blog of a VA paramedic named Darryl Barksdale. He claims to practice as a Paramedic in Spotsvania and as a paramedic working for Kings Dominion. In this online positing, he makes frequent reference to abuse of patients.

“Now, I usually reward TRULY obnoxious patients with the most sensitive and caring treatment I can provide, which usually either involves an ammonia inhalant placed in an oxygen mask and placed on the handcuffed patient’s face… or a VERY large needle to start in IV (think garden hose here)… and typically I can never find those pesky “easy” veins on these patients… so I have to search between the fingers… and toes” and “I decided that it was a lovely time to try an interesting science experiment that I had been musing over for some time: “Can fingers actually be bent backwards so as to touch the forearm, without breaking off?”

This is truly reprehensible behavior by any EMS professional and worse yet, he claims to have been “teaching” new EMTs while on the same call. I’m disgusted by this behavior and shocked by the audacity of his online bragging of this inexcusable treatment

I encourage you to investigate this individuals actions as a paramedic in your state and if any of these instances prove factual, I encourage you to remove his certification to practice and report his behavior to the NREMT.


(My name), NREMT-P

After checking, I don’t believe this individual is even certified.


  • hilinda says:

    I’m with you on this.

    Why would anyone who treats people that way be working in ANY sort of helping profession? To brag about it online suggests that a) he’s proud of his attitude and/or b) that he is exaggerating his exploits because he believes that other people would be impressed. Either of which is inappropriate, and a serious problem.

    Sad to say, I’ve seen more of this going around than there should be- meaning ANY. He even mentions that the patient may have either kidney stones, or a UTI- both of which can be incredibly painful. Yet there is zero evidence of any caring about or for that patient.

    I hope he’s blowing things out of proportion in some sort of attempt to sound cool. As uncool as that would be, it’s better than having the story be how he really treats patients.

  • I know Darryl, and follow his blog occasionally. This is the first time I’ve seen him write something remotely like this.

    We’ve all had that temptation, but we should never indulge it.

    I *have* given in to the darker angels of my nature, but not to that extent. I was also stupid enough to brag about it online, long before I started blogging. Bryan Bledsoe, my mentor, publicly bitch-slapped me over it, and I had it coming. I learned a better way to deal with frustration and anger towards abusive patients.

    I say that not in defense of Darryl, but as evidence that one bad act does not a monster make.

    I’ll drop him a line.

  • Adam J says:

    I’m with hilinda on this one.

    If he’s bragging than it’s disgusting behavior of a medical professional. Also to think he would be proud of it actually gives me the chills.

    I get that you can get burnt out dealing with all the daily BS when people blatantly abuse EMS but that doesn’t excuse you from inflicting injury or pain on another person just because you’re having a bad day.

  • Joe S. says:

    GUess I’ll weigh in. Mr. Barksdale WAS a Spotsylvania medic, was dismissed from EMS in a western state for giving a student a pelvic exam. (We have the court docs to prove it).
    He routinely abused patients, had little to no IV skills and has, in my presence, drilled a conscious, screaming 80 year old diabetic because it was easier than attempting an IV. No, 95% of his blog is NOT made up, he has done that stupid shit and more. He was dismissed from Spotsy for it, ignored by every surrounding county, and should be permanently barred from coming within 100 feet of any patient with a needle or a drug.

  • As EMS struggles to be recognized as a professional medical service and not a transport service, people like this jerk sets us back every day. Thanks for taking the time to notify his states Office of EMS.

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