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    Low Cost No Cost Tech for the EMS Educator
    wow. Just wow.
    As EMS struggles to be recognized as a professional medical service and not a transport service, people like this jerk sets us back every day. Thanks for taking the time to notify his states Office of EMS.
    2013-06-06 21:31:14
    wow. Just wow.
    According to the VA DOH, he is not certified in the state.
    2013-06-01 17:39:34
    Joe S.
    wow. Just wow.
    GUess I'll weigh in. Mr. Barksdale WAS a Spotsylvania medic, was dismissed from EMS in a western state for giving a student a pelvic exam. (We have the court docs to prove it). He routinely abused patients, had little to no IV skills and has, in my presence, drilled a conscious, screaming 80 year old…
    2013-04-15 10:16:55
    Adam J
    wow. Just wow.
    I'm with hilinda on this one. If he's bragging than it's disgusting behavior of a medical professional. Also to think he would be proud of it actually gives me the chills. I get that you can get burnt out dealing with all the daily BS when people blatantly abuse EMS but that doesn't excuse you…
    2013-03-25 20:36:16
    Ambulance Driver
    wow. Just wow.
    I know Darryl, and follow his blog occasionally. This is the first time I've seen him write something remotely like this. We've all had that temptation, but we should never indulge it. I *have* given in to the darker angels of my nature, but not to that extent. I was also stupid enough to brag…
    2013-03-25 18:00:25